Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week One

It was an okay week. I cannot actually believe that I had to teach someone older than me to steal. It really is sad.

So many monsters to learn about, so little time. Yes, I am aware of these creatures you people call the Fears. Truthfully, I have been knowing about some of them. Especially when it comes to the Empty City, and the Choir, which is because of Proxiehunter. I knew about the City because of some blog that I have read. I really need to catch up on that blog. I also knew of the Smiling Man because of an other blog.

I never really mentioned it because I didn't pay much attention to it. Hello, I was too busy surriving.

Nate has met with the Cold Boy before, or as he likes to call it, "That creepy kid that sings nursery rhymes." An overly long line I must confess, but it did make me giggle.

He also seems to have some problems with the City. Why has it chosen him as its victim? There are plenty of other people out there.

Kobalos on the other hand also has some problems with two other creatures.

There's the Rake. He confided in me and told me about it. He told me how the Rake used to haunt him when he was a child. It apparently killed off a couple of people, including his counselor, but it spared him. Again I ask, "Why?" It must have had some reason to spare him.

Then there's the Blind Man or "Gramps". There's not much to say about that guy. He just makes you forget. If you ask me, I think that's a crummy power.Well, I used to think that. It has the power to make people forget about you. Worse yet, it makes you forget you, and maybe you'll notice, maybe you won't. I can't decide what's worse.

Why is he staying with his kidnapper? It seems like a case of Stockholm Syndrom to me.

Where does he go when he goes out for his walks? I think it's a little bit suscpicious.

He also has a hard time talking to me without stumbling over his words or blushing.

I need to go to bed right now.

This is my post for the week. Woo.