Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I think Kobalos and I ran into the Blind Man. My memory is a bit fuzzy on that, which probably means that that was the Blind Man. I would wait until tomorrow to write this as my head kind of hurts, but I am afraid that I might forget.

Anyhow, we went out walking yesterday. It was during the evening as it was cooler, and there's less people to bother us. We weren't planning on doing much, maybe take some food from a store. It was mostly to get Kobalos out and about. I mean it isn't healthy for him to stay in one place all day.

Well, while walking he just stopped and he wouldn't budge. I looked around and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I pulled at him and then I realized something. There was an old man wearing sunglasses and it looked like he was starting at us. Kobalos growled and he charged at him, but Kobalos tripped. The old man grinned and then disappeared into the crowd. People were staring, so I pulled Kobalos up and we went back to the hotel.

That's all for today.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Well, I'm up and there is absolutely fuck all to do. That is except browse the web.  I did find a video on how to have cybersex. It is as strange as it sounds. Once Kobalos is better, I might take him for a walk. Until then, I am going to watch some videos.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Kobalos took the news better than I thought he would.  When I came back, I woke him from his slumber and gave him some food. He ate a little bit, then I told him what had happened and all he did was say shit and go back to sleep.  I think he hasn't really processed it yet.

I should be going to sleep as well.


I'm pretty sure that that extra room in the library is not an official part. That part is too old fashioned for this little modern library. In fact,  having that room makes the library bigger than it would appear on the outside,  which should be impossible.

I just peeked in. I am not risking my life going in there, and I am also not risking my sanity.

I am at the library because the internet is better, and because there is free food. I might have to leave soon. Kobalos probably won't be happy. He is still sick. Well, I am just going to get some food for me and Kobalos and I'll leave.