Friday, March 21, 2014

Just Some Thought or Thoughts

The fact that there is a creature that supposedly takes the form of some clear liquid that is too similar to water is actually rather frightening. It seems hard to detect, so what is stopping someone from drinking it because they mistake it for water. And water is something pretty much all or most of us drink. That creature has the potential to spread.

Also, the doors that appear from where ever they come from is also a bit terrifying. Sometimes you can tell the difference between that door and the normal doors, but other times you can't. They can blend in so well and if you are not paying attention you end up in some city that might look like the one you were previously in, but once you blink your eyes, everything changes and you are all alone. Speaking of alone, I wonder if us, Kobalos, N. and I, being together, is the reason why the Cold Boy hasn't really been visiting us lately. I dread the day if any of us get separated from each other.

All in all, the months have been so-so in terms of creatures. I had that experience with the bad doors just a few days ago, and there is also Kobalos memory problem, and the Rake, and the Imitator, although the last two haven't been visiting us too recently, and when they do, they don't really interact with us. Well, at least the Imitator doesn't as we usually see him in the distance and that was only twice since October. The Rake just mumbles, which is unnerving, and we have to leave. Luckily that only happened to us once. It is that damn man who gives us the most problems.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

And it was so nice over there too

Did I ever mention how annoying it is to have not only one but multiple creatures haunt you, and on top of all that, have some deranged bastard mess with you? No, well it is annoying. That is the problem when you are in a group of people, each haunted by a different monster, some by two. Just the other day, I almost open one of the bad doors. I was half asleep and I needed to go the restroom. I don't know how I knew, but when I touch the door knob, something felt off. Perhaps it was the fact that the door wasn't in the right spot. Dammit. I do not think that I really had a problem with them until now. I am just going to blame N. for all of this. I really hope I do not meet the Cold Boy, or his lackeys.  Long story short, I will be more careful when opening doors. I know, I know, I do not update this blog enough. I do not really have much of an excuse other then the fact that we both keep getting distracted. Our distractions aren't anything too bad, in fact sometimes they are even welcome, like watching some late night comedy movie. I can't remember what it was, but we laughed. It was some time after October. By then, I had already left Matt.

Well, it was nice spending some time with Matt. Did I mention that he is now taller than me, and handsomer. He is also still cute, especially when his voice cracks. Ah, puberty and growth spurts. It's too bad that we have to leave him with that gang. As far as I know, they are not affiliated with any monsters and such. I know that it has been so long since either of us posted, but we were finally having a break, at least until now. Always, something comes up to ruin our time of rest. Can we not rest, or do we have to keep doing this?

We just had to leave, I guess. N. isn't really talking about it. I fear it my have something to do with the mook. I hate him. I honestly feel as if I hate him, especially for ruining this wonderful time with my old friends, and for fucking with Kobalos. At least the goon was much nicer. It also may be because of the weather. It is freezing over here.