Friday, March 21, 2014

Just Some Thought or Thoughts

The fact that there is a creature that supposedly takes the form of some clear liquid that is too similar to water is actually rather frightening. It seems hard to detect, so what is stopping someone from drinking it because they mistake it for water. And water is something pretty much all or most of us drink. That creature has the potential to spread.

Also, the doors that appear from where ever they come from is also a bit terrifying. Sometimes you can tell the difference between that door and the normal doors, but other times you can't. They can blend in so well and if you are not paying attention you end up in some city that might look like the one you were previously in, but once you blink your eyes, everything changes and you are all alone. Speaking of alone, I wonder if us, Kobalos, N. and I, being together, is the reason why the Cold Boy hasn't really been visiting us lately. I dread the day if any of us get separated from each other.

All in all, the months have been so-so in terms of creatures. I had that experience with the bad doors just a few days ago, and there is also Kobalos memory problem, and the Rake, and the Imitator, although the last two haven't been visiting us too recently, and when they do, they don't really interact with us. Well, at least the Imitator doesn't as we usually see him in the distance and that was only twice since October. The Rake just mumbles, which is unnerving, and we have to leave. Luckily that only happened to us once. It is that damn man who gives us the most problems.

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