Thursday, July 31, 2014


And the money also goes to internet. Might as well try to keep a connection with others. Although,  I am not one to easily make connections. I guess I should write more often. I am just going to talk about some of the things on my mind, like my fears.

I fear losing my family,  which has technically happened given the fact that I ran away.  I admit I am afraid of death.  I am  afraid of what comes after it and the uncertainty of it all. I am afraid that no matter what I did or do, it still isn't enough. I have others, but I won't bother listing them.
We are merely surviving right now. He is dead and there is nothing we could do, except live.It iisn't much of a life, but it is something. Nothing really eventful has happened,  saved for our spotting of the tall one somewhere off in the distance. Always watching. Stalking us like some prey. The same can be said for that man, and the others. We do our best to ignore them.

We have other things to worry about.  We still have money left. He left us a lot of money but it will run out. We left that hotel and went to a cheaper one. I steal to save that money. Kobalos,  he steals sometimes.  We figured we can steal food sometimes and use most of the money for the hotel. It means that some days we don't eat much, maybe a few candy bars and some chips. Practically the life I've been living ever since I ran away.