Saturday, October 13, 2012

How the Months Have Past

I still see that man. The one who has been following me from day one. I remember that he always tries to pretend that he doesn't see me, that he is still trying to look for me. Is he even trying to catch me? Just whose side is he on anyways?

He is a really confusing man. He knows where I am at most of the time, yet he refuses to capture me. Is he trying to screw with my mind? He left me some notes. "Run.","He sees you.","HELLO.", and some others. I showed them to Nate. Nate is a little concerned that some man is somehow able to give me these notes despite the fact that we [Nate, Kobalos, and I] keep moving around so much. I believe I have said this once, damn that man is persistent. He is also extremely indecisive  He tells me to run and be careful yet he keeps chasing/stalking me. Then, he still does not do anything other than stand stiffly, staring, and then turning away whenever he sees me. That, or he pretends to look for me.

These types of people confuse me greatly. I never know which side they're on. Is he evil, good, or mixed up and confuse like the rest of us?