Saturday, January 28, 2012

An Interesting Event.

The masked goon has approached me again.

I was sitting on the hard concrete sidewalk, with my back up against the store wall. I had noticed a presence but had said nothing. I waited for the person to announce themself. I waited and waited, until that person finally managed to get out a mumbled hello.

He sat right beside me. I pushed myself up. He got up as well.

"What do you want?" I asked. I admit, I was kind of harsh. I blame my period.

"I'm Kobalos and you, um, kicked me in the shin," he said softly.

It was then that I knew I had to get away from him. I turned around to run, but he grabbed a hold of my wrist.

"Please," he pleaded, "don't leave. I don't want to hurt you."

I clawed at his arm. He winced in pain, but still would not let me go.

"Let me go," I screamed at him, hoping one of the people walking on the streets would care to notice. Ha, what a useless thing to hope. Of course they don't care about a filthy street-rat.

"Please, just listen," his voice was strained.

"Why should I?"

"We're alike," his posture was hunched. He looked at me with unsure eyes.

"How the hell are we alike?" I snapped. How the hell can I be like one of those people?

"We both deal with those creatures."

"Yeah, I run and you chase. Although, I never heard of a goon quite as young as you," I told him.

"I'm not a proxy," he said.

"Then why were you following me and wearing a mask?"

"I'm very eccentric and I was concerned for your safety. You can join us if you want. I mean, it's probably best if you do. We can help you, and there's safety in numbers." He then muttered to himself, "The masked looked cool."

"Fine, I'll join you. But, if I find out that you were lying to me, you will regret it. Am I clear?" The look on his face was priceless.

He led me to his base, not bothering to make a conversation. His face was downcast. He held my wrist tightly in his hands, afraid to let go.

I kicked some soda cans to entertain myself.

The people passing by gave us two a glance but turned their heads away and went on with their exsistance.

At last, he led me to a motel room. He got out a key and unlocked the door.

"Nate, I brought someone with me," he called out.

A unshaven man came out of the bathroom. I hoped he washed his hands.

"I'm Nate," he said bluntly.

"I know that already," I replied in the same tone as him. He smirked for a bit but then went back to his normal neutral expression.

"You can sleep on the floor, or if Kobalos is generous, you can sleep on his bed," he told me.

I then talked to Nate. Our conversation consisted of meaningless things, so I won't bother putting them on here.  Kobalos turned on the tele to watch some movies on AMC.

These people don't seem that bad. I might enjoy my stay here.


Someone has found me. A masked goon that is. He was different from those previous goons. He was also a bit on the short side.

I did not want to risk being captured, so I kicked the masked goon in the shins. He fell hard onto the ground, holding his injured shins in his hands.

Are all masked goons so easily beaten? Please tell me they're not.

I walked away from the masked goon. He was incapacitated, so I needn't worry.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Other than Him being around children in the park, things have been pretty good. Although, I doubt things will be good for those children in the near future. I mean they just met what others call the Slender Man. This is probably not the last time they are going to meet Him.

Oh, about that. He just stood there, right near the children as they played around him, and then he just disappeared. He was there one second and the next gone. Not even a poof. Some of the children looked bewildered but they continued with their play. Afterward, the parents came to pick up the children.

The Return of the Faceless Imitator

I can see Him. Why? Why on Earth would He be surrounding himself with school aged children in the middle of some park? Oh, He's the creature that represents parents' fear of some stranger taking their children away, never to be seen again. That's a lie. The never to be seen again part I mean. Sometimes, the children are found way up in the trees. In body bags. Sometimes, they're not in body bags. Either way, the child is dead. With their organs strewn upon the ground. Just like the organs of that house, and the dog inside the woman's st must not think about that.

I must keep watch on the children. I must make sure that nothing bad happens.

If anything happens, I will post it.

Monday, January 23, 2012


How long have I been living on this street? I'd say a couple of months. I lost track of time while out here on the streets. It's so cold out here. Wretched winter weather. I have always wanted to say that. Winter was never my favorite season. It's too cold. With autumn, I could at least tolerate the temperature. With winter I cannot. I really cannot wait until spring. It used to be summer in which I was excited about but since I no longer go to school, I no longer have to wait until summer to get out.

I remember this one summer vacation. My parents took my younger sister and I to Disneyland. It was wonderful. I must have been ten when we went there. Magical.

Enough of that. I have to keep moving. It's unwise, unsafe to stay in one place for too long. I can see that damn goon looking at me from the distance. I'm pretty sure that he is the same one from before. The clothes seem familiar. I must now leave and lose myself in the crowd.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Freaking Goons/Proxies

He's still after me. Didn't he already take what he needed when he first got to me? Please don't tell me he messed up. If so, than that is just sad.

Geez, why must he be so incompetent? I know I should be more thankful but it's just so sad.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


It is so cold outside. I need to find some shelter. If I cannot find any shelter, then I need to get a better coat. And some weapons. I only have a few knives. I want to get a small club or something like that. I could also use a flashlight. I know I am too young to own a gun. Also, guns are very noisy.

What else do I need? I will figure that out once I get there.

Food seems like something I need, and maybe some bottle water. I do need some money.


I kind of miss Matt right now. It was so sweet of him to offer me his unfitting jacket.

I miss my family. Every time I think of them, I get a sense of nostalgia and I just want to go back to them. I want to forget about the Imitator, forget about all the horrors that were caused by Him. I want to be in my parents' arm and I want to hold my sister and say that I am never ever going to leave again. Yet I know that if I were to do that, great harm will come to the ones I love. That is why I chose the path of the Runner. That is until I get older and become more of a Fighter. I sort of want to grow up faster so I can become a more efficient Fighter.

Well, I am going on a little “shopping” spree.

Friday, January 20, 2012

I have finally found a house and have taken a shower. I also cooked myself something to eat. It was chicken flavored raman. I took some of their fruits, and other packages of food. Like Twinkies and such. I love Twinkies so much. I do not care if they are unhealththy, they are delicious.

I believe I have to get going lest I get caught breaking and entering.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I can still see them. That family. The horrid scene has been etched into my mind's eye, so whenever I close my physical eyes all I ever see is that wretched scene. It haunts me in my sleep.

How can anyone be so cruel as to kill, no torture a family to death? Those sick bastards. I doubt there was only one person who committed the crime. It seems like a group of people work together. I wonder if the police have gotten involved yet.

About where I am at; I am at some town of some sorts. It is unimportant. People have been giving me looks whenever I walk pass them. I see older teenage girls pointing at me and whispering to each other. I heard one saying how awful I smell and how I must be one of those street sluts. I wanted to slam my backpack into her face. I wanted to see her face on the ground, bloodied. Trust me, but instead I ignored her and continued walking. This isn't the first time I heard comments like these. I was even thought to be some drug addict. People.

I really need to find a place to clean myself up. It's a lot easier to steal food when you're clean. If you're dirty and such, people assume that you are there to steal. Remember audience, cleanliness/beauty equals goodness, while dirtiness/ugliness equals evilness.

I hope that the next house I find doesn't have dead people in it. In fact, I rather it to be vacant, except for food. I'm hungry.

Geez, the library is going to close soon. At least I got to charge my laptop.