Monday, January 23, 2012


How long have I been living on this street? I'd say a couple of months. I lost track of time while out here on the streets. It's so cold out here. Wretched winter weather. I have always wanted to say that. Winter was never my favorite season. It's too cold. With autumn, I could at least tolerate the temperature. With winter I cannot. I really cannot wait until spring. It used to be summer in which I was excited about but since I no longer go to school, I no longer have to wait until summer to get out.

I remember this one summer vacation. My parents took my younger sister and I to Disneyland. It was wonderful. I must have been ten when we went there. Magical.

Enough of that. I have to keep moving. It's unwise, unsafe to stay in one place for too long. I can see that damn goon looking at me from the distance. I'm pretty sure that he is the same one from before. The clothes seem familiar. I must now leave and lose myself in the crowd.

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