Sunday, January 15, 2012


I can still see them. That family. The horrid scene has been etched into my mind's eye, so whenever I close my physical eyes all I ever see is that wretched scene. It haunts me in my sleep.

How can anyone be so cruel as to kill, no torture a family to death? Those sick bastards. I doubt there was only one person who committed the crime. It seems like a group of people work together. I wonder if the police have gotten involved yet.

About where I am at; I am at some town of some sorts. It is unimportant. People have been giving me looks whenever I walk pass them. I see older teenage girls pointing at me and whispering to each other. I heard one saying how awful I smell and how I must be one of those street sluts. I wanted to slam my backpack into her face. I wanted to see her face on the ground, bloodied. Trust me, but instead I ignored her and continued walking. This isn't the first time I heard comments like these. I was even thought to be some drug addict. People.

I really need to find a place to clean myself up. It's a lot easier to steal food when you're clean. If you're dirty and such, people assume that you are there to steal. Remember audience, cleanliness/beauty equals goodness, while dirtiness/ugliness equals evilness.

I hope that the next house I find doesn't have dead people in it. In fact, I rather it to be vacant, except for food. I'm hungry.

Geez, the library is going to close soon. At least I got to charge my laptop.


  1. It's possible that people really were being so cruel to you, but . . .

    You should also be aware of the existence of the Choir.

    If it's them a careful observer might be able to notice either a blur in the air or a grey mold in the vicinity. Less commonly I've heard of them appearing as an extra shadow cast by the speaker.

    Theoretically if you can read lips you might be able to detect their involvement as well. After all if you hear someone call you a dirty slut but their lips are forming the words "Hey kid, do you need some help?" you'll know something's wrong.

    1. Why are there more monsters? Now I have to worry about that Choir that twists words and perception. Now, I am actually glad I didn't harm the teen. She, as you have theorized, could have been trying to help me. She could have also have been intentionally cruel. Unfortunately, homeless people are looked down upon in this society. It's rather annoying.