Saturday, December 31, 2011


As I walked around some neighborhood, I stumbled upon a vacant looking house. The lawn was well kept, and none of the windows were broken, so I decided to treat myself to some of their food. 'They probably wouldn't mind,' I thought. Their house was pretty big.

It was a two-story house, with flowers in some sort of garden, and an empty dog house. It was painted a baby blue color, while the window panes were painted black. An odd combination.

I trotted along the red-brick sidewalk, taking note of the little light things besides the path. I have no idea what you call those light things.

I noticed that their was a doll, abandoned on the steps leading up to the front door. The child must have been in a hurry to leave that she left her doll. It was some sewn up doll; it had on a pink dress, and it's hair was red. Same color as my hair.

I realized that the door was slightly ajar. Now who in there right minds would forget to lock their door? If they didn't have a key then they should have bought a new one.

I could smell something foul as I went nearer to the house.

Then, as I opened the door, a wretched smell filled up my nostrils and I felt the urge to throw up on the spot. 'Pull yourself together.'

I walked some more and I saw, i saw That.

Organs were strewn across the floor and the was practically blood everywhere. A family of three and their dog were dead. The dogs head, it was, god this is sick, it was in the woman's abdominal area. The rest of it's body was hanging from the ceiling fan.

The girl, she wasn't much older than four, her eyes--why would they do something like that?--her eyes were ripped out of her socket. And her lips were ripped off and her teeth were pulled out. What did they do to her before she died?!

The man was naked, everyone was naked. Just what the hell just happened there?

His scalp was missing too. And his face was torn to shreds.

I wanted to throw so bad, but I didn't. No I ran out of the house, stopped for a bit on the porch to pick up the doll, and started running again.

It wasn't until my legs couldn't support me and my lungs burned, when I finally let the contents of my stomach come out of my mouth.

I decided to keep the doll. Someone has to take care of it in memory of that girl. It might as well be me.

Whoever killed this family is sick. Proxy or not, this is still sick.

God, I want to throw up again, but I can't because my stomach's empty. I think I'm just going to stay in a fetal position underneath this abandon porch. It's a vastly different house. The grass is overgrown, the windows broken, and there are about a ton of weeds.

So sick.



  1. Not sure keeping that doll was wise. Keep an eye on it, if it starts changing in any way or there's any indication that it's moving around on it's own burn it.

  2. I doubt the doll would be able to move on its own, then again, I'd doubted the existence of a certain monster. I'll take your comment into consideration.