Friday, December 9, 2011


He has found me.

And I was finally getting used to this place.

Matt, I'm sorry. Please do not be sad that I'm gone.

That thing's face, it's unnerving and why won't he stop staring at me.

I was having so much fun with Matt.

He's out there, watching. The Imitator watches. He always watches and makes insane the people who are being watched.

I can't move my body. The only thing moving are my hands. My fingers.

I really want to get away, but I need to type this.

The setting.
It is dim in this shed, near the woods. The sky is starry, but the trees block the light of the stars and elopes the forest's floor in darkness.
The trees elope the floor in darkness. The Imitator elopes my mind in darkness. It's shrouded in darkness and I want to leave.
I can feel the temperature dropping. I hate fall and the coldness it bring. I'm sleepy. Goodnight.
So cold.

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