Monday, July 23, 2012


As I have wrote in my last post, there was a shoot-out at the motel we were staying at. Let me tell you all how terrible that place was. There was mold in the bathroom, roaches practically every where, stains on the carpet, and much more. One of the bed had a really black stain which I think is either mold, or human feces. None of us slept on that bed.

It was sometime early in the morning when we heard the gun shots. All three of us were still asleep. I was the first to wake up. I woke up Kobalos and Nate. They were a bit bewildered but quickly realized that something was wrong.

Nate rush to the window, Kobalos and I followed. We all looked to see some men firing at eachother. They were shouting but unfortunately, I couldn't understand what they were shouting about. All I heard was drugs. That's all I remember hearing. The men on one side seemed pretty desperate.

"Wh-what should we do?" Kobalos meekly asked. He was shaking really bad, as if those man would turn on us. I was shaking as well, but I tried my best to hide it.

"We can't leave now," Nate answered. He was intently looking at the chaotic scene before him. "If we do, we'll get shot. It's best if we stay put." That's very great thinking Nate.

We all sprinted [okay Kobalos and I sprinted, while Nate just casually walked] to the other side of the room.

I glanced at my fellow companions as we sat on the floor with our backs to the wall. Nate had on a bored/annoyed look on his face. Kobalos had some sort of nervous smile.

Not only did that hotel have prostitutes, it also had a shoot-out. I swear, it's annoying to wake up because the people in the next room a screwing too loudly. It's funny how Kobalos always blushes when ever he hears them. Nate just does a facepalm and tries to go back to sleep. I like to imagine what exactly they're doing, and then torment Kobalos with it. It's hilarious.


  1. It's good that you're all safe. But please tell me that mold wasn't grey.

    1. The mold wasn't grey. It was more of a greenish color.