Sunday, October 13, 2013

Meeting an old friend

Fml. Kobalos is  insane. Unsupringly. I mean he has killed who knows how many people without knowing it. And aparentlyn he is gay for Nate or Jeff N. N, that I am going to ccall him, is keeping his distance ffrom Kobalos.  Damn this. I have known them for two years and I barely know anything about them. N rarely talks about his past because he cannot really remember it and Kobalos is Kobalos.  I heard him laughing like a maniac and mumbling in his sleep last night in his dream. It was as if he was having some sort of conversation.  It was rather unnerving if you ask me. I couldn't sleep because of him. Sad thing is, I don't think he can control it. Nevertheless,  he is a danger to us. It is such a shame really.  He is such a nice boy, yet his actions are not his will. I wonder what I should do about him. Enough about Kobalos.
I have just found out that Matt life hss seemingly gotten worse. He is in a gang. I really hope it isn't the Timberwolves. He couldn't take the abuse. He told me himself. Jesus kid. He still a child. He shouldn't have to grow up so soon. I met him while I was going to get a bite to eat. He recognized me and we talked about our lives. I left out the whole monsters thing. He talked about the gang he joined. Well,  he didn't really talk about it. He just mention it. When I tried to learn more, he would avoid answering my questions.  We then parted ways. This was pretty much what happened today. Nothing too out of the normal for me.

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