Monday, April 16, 2012


Why is that same goon still following me? Whenever I see the Imitator, and even when I don't see Him, there is always that same goon. Doesn't he have have anyone else to stalk?

Kobalos is banging his head against the wall. He's been acting like that ever since he saw that terrible creature. He was finally getting better. Did I mention how much I hate the boogeyman? I hate Him so much.

I guess I should tell the audience what the letter said. It just told me to be more careful next time. Why would that goon tell me something like that. I can tell that he wrote it because I recognize the handwriting from all the other threatening letters I have recieved from the goon. Oh, and he also wrote that next time, his master might not be easy on me or my friends. Gee, thanks for the warning. It's not like I didn't know that.

I wish Kobalos would stop banging his head on the wall, and coughing...

Shit. Erratic behavior, coughing. That must mean that he is near. That quick? I hope He's not after us. We can't leave now because we just got here, and Nate needs to get more money for gas. Gas is really expensive.

Maybe, just maybe, Kobalos's erratic behavior is due to having seen Him. He tends to have that effect on people. I really hope that's the case. I also hope that Kobalos would stop hurting himself like that. I think Nate is going to stop Kobalos right now.

"Stop it," he tells Kobalos.

Kobalos looks up and immediately stops. Wow, that was quick. "I'm...s..orry," he mumbles.

Now he's just staring at the TV. There's nothing on it, so I turn it on for him. I really wish he would start writing for his blog, but I don't see him doing so in the near future. It is tiring for me to be the only one who writes for this group.

"Hey Nate! Why don't you make a blog?" I ask him in a joking manner.

"I don't see a point," as blunt as always.

Sigh...I hope that our days will get better.

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